Our Projects

Current Projects

We have two projects in operation in Liverpool, that are staffed by our volunteer team.

Breakfast Kitchen Project (BREKI)

BREKI runs a mobile breakfast kitchen and a household distribution service twice a week mainly on Thursdays at the following locations:

  • Greenbank Court, L17
  • Birley Court, Percy Street
  • Seiont House, Off Park Rd, L8
  • Ullet Road L17

We want to meet the needs and requirements of people beyond food with our project by also offering clothes, toiletries, books, toys and household items. We are proud to be able to support people who have needs and requirements beyond a hot meal.

BREKI is focused on reducing social isolation and increasing social interaction by providing nourishment and networking opportunities to people from all walks of life, including refugees and asylum seekers, who reside in initial accommodation in the city, people living in hostels and on the street.


JUDE offers drop-in English Lessons every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 1-3pm followed by a vegetarian meal.

We provide stand-alone sessions on practical topics relating to daily life in the UK. We want to ensure there are no barriers for our learners, so attendance is flexible for all participants with no waiting lists or other pre-attendance requirements.

Our aim is to help people feel confident and comfortable when engaging with others and managing their day to day affairs. We also want to help build insight and understanding of local culture, customs and practices, that will enhance their sense of belonging and connection to their new community.


Pipeline Projects and Initatives

We have a number of projects and Initiatives that we are looking to establish in the next 3-12 months. We are recruiting volunteers to help get these up and running.


We want to add indoor and outdoor activities to our current BREKI project, including a befriending club, skills and employment workshops, new arrivals induction programme and a community integration scheme.

MEOW (Meals for Elders on Wheels)

This will be an outreach, befriending and food service for elders. We will offer respite to informal carers where needed by offering help with daily tasks such as shopping, housework and simple maintenance work.

Through MEOW we want to help alleviate the loneliness and isolation that many elderly people experience, as well as promote ways to stay healthy and well-nourished. We also want to aid inter generational relationships by working with younger volunteers. 

COMB (Community Building)

This will offer local communities opportunities to develop and manage building and landscaping projects, all focused on making best use of open spaces and empty buildings.

We want to work with local people and DIY businesses to take forward ideas that will improve the look of our local neighbourhoods. In doing so we want to foster a sense of ownership and belonging, as well as facilitate participation in community collaboration group work for local people.

The COMB project will also promote better use of open and shared spaces and empty/derelict buildings; and the principles of local regeneration, community collaboration and social integrity.

PEAR (Pets and Arts Therapy)

We will be providing animal assisted therapy and also arts therapy to vulnerable and disadvantaged using regular weekly sessions. We aim to collaborate with local groups to develop sessions for those who need them.

YODA (Youth Development Activities)

We will aim to offer mentoring, coaching and support for young people with enterprising ideas for new business or community projects.