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AMURT NW works in some of Liverpool's most deprived neighbourhoods where rates of child poverty are at their highest. Their Animal Assisted Therapy programme will give 480 children from disadvantaged families the opportunity to work with ponies and experience some of the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy. Animal Assisted Therapy can improve mental health and tackle feelings of isolation. It teaches children empathy, patience, responsibility, self worth, social skills and confidence.

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It’s been a productive year since the opening of the AMURT North West Office in Liverpool, and now we are in need of a larger, more secure property to continue and expand our activities in the north west region.

AMURT North West currently offers ‘Drop-in’ English lessons, which are stand-alone lessons on practical topics relating to life in the UK. We chose to run ‘Drop-In’ English in order to include anyone needing help learning English and have no restrictions to learning (no waiting lists and pre-attendance requirements). This program is run by volunteers on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 1 pm – 3 pm.

We also offer a Breki service (breakfast kitchen) to asylum seekers in initial accommodation in Liverpool. Other planned activities related to Breki are indoor and outdoor activities, befriending club, skills and job workshops, drop-in and an integration program and new arrival pack.

Quite simply, the present building we operate from isn’t adequate and AMURT North West desperately needs a bigger home.

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